Mom’s Nachos

Mom’s Nachos- Serves 5-10

1 package corn tortillas
Shortening for frying

Begin heating shortening or preferred oil in a frying pan. Cut corn tortillas into quarters. When oil is ready, layer tortillas in a few at a time, don’t crowd the pan. Turn during frying so both sides get crisp. When edges are beginning to brown, remove from pan to a tray layered with paper towels. Let drain. Sprinkle with salt, serve with guacamole, salsa, or cheese dip.

Options- For a dessert option, toss chips with cinnamon and sugar, serve with a fruit or caramel dip. You can also toss with other spices, to make your own blends like buffalo nachos, ranch nachos, curried nachos, etc. These are a perfect chip to add flavor to in order to compliment your chosen dip option.

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